20 - 21 March 2018
Paris - Porte de Versailles - Hall 7.1

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                                                    Test and compare with a Test Kitchen at your disposal!

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Here, visitors are in control. In this mini-laboratory, visitors are accompanied by experts from the Centre Culinaire Contemporain (3C) and have the tools they need to test and compare the products they notice.



Exhibition visitors from the R&D, Marketing, Innovation, Sourcing, Quality, and Purchasing departments take control of proceedings. They will enjoy the help of a culinary advisor from 3C and work in an open kitchen space to perform basic assessments of the products they selected in the exhibition’s aisles.

After handling the products, visitors move to a booth where they can dig deeper with the expert or as a team and privately exchange tips and recommendations.

The first thing to try: guaranteed timesaver!

It is often difficult to give an estate agent your honest opinion regarding the apartment you have just visited. It is even harder when it comes to a food product! Being able to privately test a product without the manufacturer’s presence enables people to speak freely, facilitating discussions and product contextualization and comparison.”

Véronique Le Berre, Innovation Project Manager at the Centre Culinaire Contemporain



The Test Kitchens in this area will host the Excellence Award that will be attributed on the basis of tests carried out by three panels of seven professionals, on the seven products that won a M.A.D.E. Award.


A product is more likely to take over its market if it provides answers to all aspects of its segment,” says Fabrice Clochard, Research Director at the Centre Culinaire Contemporain. “A delicious snack that is not practical misses its target. The best of the seven winners of an M.A.D.E. Award will be the one that presents the best solution to the mix of expectations identified by the experts in the three panels.”


Thus, the three panels will independently evaluate the products, then share their points of view, and finally rate each one according to their priorities and expectations. The final grade will be the sum of the results of the three panels, ensuring that no one will know who has won. The suspense will last until the winner is officially announced. The exhibition’s awards ceremony will begin at 6p.m. (Registration is required via the online visitor and exhibitor spaces.)



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Created in Rennes in 2013, the Centre Culinaire Contemporain is a place for research, creation, and experimentation. It involves users (consumers and/or professionals) and tests under real conditions. It aims to imagine innovative solutions – new products, services, concepts, organizations, and attitudes – for companies and stakeholders in the food chain

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