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    Servo Artpack is specialised in the production and conversion of flexible packaging and labelling, providing solid application experience (over 40 years!) in all flexible packaging markets (rotogravure, flexo- and offset printing up to 10 colours!).
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Savoir-faire Innovants
  • 3 layers Barrier biobased film - Coffee packaging

    Il s'agit : d’une gamme
    Catégorie : Innovation de packaging

    This new packaging film entirely made from renewable materials (cellulose - Bio PE) offers the same barrier properties than conventionnal metallized films. 7 colors Helio printed + selective mat varnish - Certified OK Biobased 4* by the european certification organism Vinçotte. The final packaging is more than 90% Biobased (except Valve, adhesives, inks and varnish which remain standard)

    Biobased packaging film for Coffee. Made from natural renewable materials, OK biobased 4* certified at european level. 7 colors Helio printed + selective mat varnish - same printing quality than conventionnal machines and materials.

    1st presentation in France : 01/03/2017
    1st Internation presentation : 10/04/2017

  • Biobased / compostable film for Bio chocolate bars packing

    Il s'agit : d’une gamme
    Catégorie : Innovation de packaging

    Duplex metallized film, 100% made from natural renewable and compostable materials. 7 colors Helio printed + selective mat varnish. OK Biobased 4* and OK Compost certified by european organisms Vinçotte and Din Certco. All materials used in the production process are compostable : cellulose, adhesives, inks and varnish. This film can be used on all standard horizontal flowpack and Vertical FFS machines.

    Duplex metallized biobased and compostable film for the packing of Bio chocolate bars - 7 colors helio printed + mat varnish

    1st presentation in France : 22/10/2017
    1st Internation presentation : 22/10/2017

  • Special laminates OPP / Paper wth transparent window

    Il s'agit : d’une gamme
    Catégorie : Innovation de packaging

    Special laminate composed by an OPP 30µ layer and a Paper 25g which can be cut either as a shaped transparent window or vertical stripes, allowing the end customer to see the product though the pack. Micro perforation of the OPP or anti-fog treatment are possible. 8 colors flexo printing on both OPP or paper. All possible applciations in fresh and dry food.

    Special laminate OPP / Paper allowing prodcut visibility though the pack via a transparent shaped window or vertical stripes. Flexo printing until 8 colors.

    1st presentation in France : 10/04/2017
    1st Internation presentation : 10/04/2017

  • Bio-based packaging Servo Artpack, which is present since more than 40 years in the market of printed flexible packaging, is proud to present our latest innovation with BIO-BASED packaging; a new, 4-corner sealed, high barrier, roto-gravure printed, 250 g coffee-bean bag, made of bio-based materials, which we consider a small first step towards a circular economy.

  • Compostable packaging It is a plastic which is capable of undergoing biological decomposition in a compost site as part of an available program, such that the plastic is not visually distinguishable and breaks down to carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass, at a rate consistent with known compostable materials (e.g. cellulose) and leaves no toxic residue.

  • SPECIAL TACTILE INK This 3D sensation allows to enhance graphics that represent paper, wood and other natural textures. Very used for organic food where plastic packaging would be out of tune.

  • Special paper laminates We offer a wide range of customized laminated films to paper stripes (also both printed and laminated in register!) or fully laminated to paper with windows cut at register with tailormade shapes.

  • AN INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING ENTIRELY RECYCLABLE! In line with the interest of final consumers and companies looking towards sustainability and attention to the environment, Servo Artpack comes with an entirely recyclable industrial packaging. This new kind of laminated film looks like a classic packaging, but actually has two easy separable layers in order to facilitate recycling.

  • Philippe Rouillé