20 - 21 March 2018
Paris - Porte de Versailles - Hall 7.1

Participate at the tailor-made
products conception meeting

Interviews and controversies

A symposium to learn about, analyse, and discuss the Healthy concept ...


Health, flavour, and sustainability are all growing trends! Consumers are looking for virtuous approaches and products. In keeping with these trends, the 2018 edition of M.A.D.E. will be dedicated to two main themes: Healthy Snacking Food and Healthy Planet. In addition, M.A.D.E. will devote an entire day to these two key themes!


Overview, analysis, and perspectives ... Market experts, manufacturers, distributors, and startups will take part in exclusive and constructive talks where they share their experiences and expertise and exchange best practices.


Custom-made products for healthy eating from sustainable sources




On the schedule:

PART 1 > Healthy Food:
Is it possible to balance health, sustainability, and enjoyment?

Overview: What is a healthy diet?

  • Isabelle KAIFFER, Consumer and Shopper Insights Director - NIELSEN

Controversy: Should omnivores become vegan?

  • NATHALIE DAMERY, president of OBSOCO
  • Elodie VIEILLE BLANCHARD, Présidente de l'Association Végétarienne de France

Interviews: Which snacking products are both healthy and sustainable?

  • Olivier REGO, Directeur Général des enseignes convenience du groupe MONOPRIX 
  • Julien FOURNIER, Operating Director - L’Esprit Frais, accelérateur de business du groupe Fleury Michon

PART 2 > Sustainable Packaging:
What is the right amount of packaging?

Overview: Sustainable packaging       

  •     Fabrice PELTIER, Designer

Controversy: Bulk takes off!

  • Michel FONTAINE, President of CNE
  • Didier ONRAITA co-fondateur de DAY BY DAY

Interviews: What is the eco-packaging of the future?

  • Jean-Michel POINTET – PACKING Manager for “U” Brand - ‎SYSTEME U
  • Nicolas SALAH – Operations Manager - INNELIA
  • Sophie BONNIER – Eco Conception Manager- CITEO

PART 3  > Customised purchases:
Will digital technology make personalized diets possible?

Overview: The Millenials

  • Freddy THIBURCE, Director of Centre Culinaire Recherche
  • Fabrice CLOCHARD, Sociologist Centre Culinaire Recherche

Controversy: Pure players vs Retail: same fight?

  • Kevin CAMPHUIS, cofondateur de Shakeupfactory
  • Chrystel CHASSAGNE Responsable Grands Comptes Gastronomie BIO - VENTE-PRIVEE.COM
  • Sophie DE REYNAL, NutriMarketing & NIELSEN Marketing Director

Interviews: Is shopping online more conducive to a healthy and sustainable diet?

  • Guillaume GREAUD, fondateur de poiscaille.fr 
  • Nathalie KERHOAS, directrice, de BLEU BLANC COEUR

Conclusion: How will the CSR manage to balance health, sustainability, and enjoyment?