20 - 21 March 2018
Paris - Porte de Versailles - Hall 7.1

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Coop de france

A National organization; COOP de France represents and defends the interests of French agricultural, food-processing and agro-industrial Cooperatives.  It is a collective force of expression and influence.

An Agri-food division was put in place in 2014, to demonstrate that the unique Cooperative approach (from the plate to the field), is an important asset on the food market: many CSR initiatives led by cooperatives and the link with farmers who are associated with the Co-op are doing an original and positive model which are in answer to expectations of society.




French agricultural COOPS a major economic player

2,750 cooperatives

600 food subsidiaries

84,3 billion EUR global turnover

40% of the French food-processing industry

1 food brand name out of 3

160,000 employees

3/4 of farmers are members of at least one agricultural Cooperative


The cooperative sector, as a key player in the food chain, is developing new sustainable food and non-food products. By investing heavily in research and development, cooperative enterprises are exploring all areas of green growth for farmers, industry and consumers